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Cherry Red Records (UK)

Angel Air Records (UK)

Amazon.com (USA)

Amazon.co.uk (UK)

eBay (search worldwide for used albums by or featuring Morgan Fisher)

CD Universe (USA)

Prem Promotions (Japanese)

2-minute excerpts from all tracks on some of Morgan's albums may be heard at the Prem Promotions site. Follow these direct links to each album and click on the button below the album cover to open the music player:

>> Flower Music

>> Inner Beauty (compilation album; tracks 1, 3 and 7 are by Morgan)

>> Recharge

>> Peace In The Heart Of The City

>> Water Music

Information about Morgan Fisher:

A fine, long review of Morgan's Organ, Jan. 15, 2009.

A review (in interesting English!) and photographs of Morgan's Sept. 27, 2002 solo concert in Yokohama.

The Musicians' Olympus - Morgan's bio (USA)

ArtistDirect.com - Morgan's bio, plus album sales (USA) and some music samples.

Consumable Online - was one of the best and longest-running online music review sites - archives still accessible (USA). Includes a fine review of the Morgan-produced Japanese Mott the Hoople tribute album "Moth Poet Hotel".

Five D (Japan) - information about two major Japanese bands Morgan has worked with: The Boom & Heat Wave (in Japanese)

Mott the Hoople and related bands:

The Mott Archive - Sven Gusevik's excellent site re MTH, related bands, and all Morgan's work (Norway)

96 Decibel Freaks - Rich Mansons's MTH site (UK)

Hunter-Mott.com - Adrian Perkins' MTH site - many links (USA)

Just A Buzz Online - Justin Purington's excellent site re MTH and all Morgan's work (USA)

The Official Site of Ian Hunter (USA)

John Fiddler's website

Music software & related:

(Note: most of these sites relate to Macintosh software)

Logic Studio - Morgan's choice for the best all-round music/MIDI/Audio program - he has used it to make many of his albums

Recycle! - still one of the best programs for automatically slicing long samples into short samples (e.g., drum loops into individual beats)

SoundHack - a fascinating program for dramatically transforming audio samples. FREEWARE

Amadeus - a great program for editing audio samples - Morgan uses it daily. SHAREWARE

Thonk - a simple, radical granular synthesis program. Mac Classic only. FREEWARE!

Barbabatch - the top professional batch audio file converter - expensive, but handles virtually all known formats

University of Iowa Instrument Samples - a fabulous and comprehensive collection of well-recorded orchestral samples. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Variophon - The best analog wind synth ever made - stunningly realistic. Morgan has several of these and loves them. This excellent website has vast amounts of information, as well as a "Variophon Interactive" for you to play!