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MORGAN'S PROFESSIONAL FINGERS have been in intense action since he first acquired a Vox Continental organ in 1966 at the age of 16, followed by one of the first split white Hammond M102's as soon as his band Love Affair hit #1 in 1968.

Since those heady 60s days he's played with Mott the Hoople, Queen, Yoko Ono, Neil Innes, Mike Harrison, and a raft of other great names in all sorts of musical genres. He is renowned for his creativity (brilliant verging on eccentric!) and his emotional sensitivity.

Now, in 2020 he lives in Tokyo with his spacious home studio and a fine collection of vintage keyboards going as far back as an ultra-rare 1950s Ondioline as well as the more "conventional" keyboards (Oberheim, Clavinet, Rhodes) plus modern digital synths and software synths/samplers.

In this internet age - and particularly since Corona came along - he has been busy playing sessions online and composing for all kinds of projects, from TV ads to rock band sessions. He always keeps the customer satisfied and delighted!

• • • Morgan is available for SESSIONS & COMPOSING and can be immediately reached by email HERE

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